Introducing Freeze-Dried Cheese Curds!

100% Cheese. High-quality creamy, slightly tangy vibrant yellow cheese curds delivered to you.

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1.5 oz. Cherries

Our bread and butter, so to speak. Individual bags of Montmorency cherries available for puchase. Pick them up as gifts for friends, family, or a special treat for yourself.
100% Cherries, 100% Natural. Always.

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Bucket O' Cherries

Cherries never looked so good!
Your choice of 10 Packs or 20 Packs shipped in the same food grade bucket we get our cherries in before we process them. All delivered right to your door.

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0.5 oz. Sample Bags

Friends, guests, events. Party favors just got a whole lot healthier! Buy a pack of 50 today.

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12 oz. Bag Variations

Go big or go home. These wholesale options are for you!

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30 0.5 oz. bags delivered to your door at a wholesale price. Psst...There's also a bonus for auto-renewing over time!

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